Valentine is specialty coffee roasted in small batches by people who care. The “specialty” part means we only choose to roast top-tier, rigorously-graded, traceable coffees. Small batches ensure our full attention to each and every roast, and we take care to respect the effort of every person involved in bringing us these coffees from their far-flung farms.


Ensuring a quality cup in hand is the highest expression of these ideals. We are committed to delivering that quality cup through proper training, education, and service. Our team of skilled baristas and service technicians are ready, willing, and able to provide your staff with the attention and tools required to deliver the best possible cup of coffee to your esteemed guests.

It doesn’t end there


Valentine sources coffee from a dozen specific geographical regions from 4 continents around the globe. The effects of soil, weather, altitude, and agricultural practices result in variation of bean density, water retention, and chemical composition.  Moreover, the methods of processing, drying, and sorting each render coffee unique to its specific home, its source, or “origin.”


Upon arrival, every crop of coffee must be evaluated anew for its unique merits. Should a coffee pass the rigorous testing and tasting and re-tasting to be selected as among the best of what is available, we begin a “conversation” with the coffee to discover a roasting recipe, or profile. Utilizing the application of heat and air flow over time we endeavor to best manipulate the thousands of flavor compounds in a coffee to maximize deliciousness and integrity to origin. Once the profile is written and the coffee released, we maintain a quality control system of subsequent tasting to monitor and maintain that deliciousness and revise the recipe as needed as the coffee’s expression evolves over time.



5918 W. Vliet Street, Milwaukee

Hot Drinks

Espresso, Macchiato, Cortado, Americano, Cappuccino, Mocha, Breve,  Miel, London Fog, Hot Chocolate, Steamer


Lattes Original, Vanilla Bean, Seasonal, Chai, Dulce de Leche

Coffee Offerings


Bali Blue Moon

Shade grown in the volcanic highlands of the Indonesian island of Bali. Beautifully bold, full-bodied and rich with a surprisingly long, dark chocolate finish.



Bering Sea Blend

Our signature blend of coffees sourced from Africa, Indonesia, and the Americas. Complex, balanced and agreeable; dark chocolate and roasted hazelnut aromas, a spicy earthiness, and hints of ripe berry fruit.



Brazil Mogiana

The Cocapec Cooperative farms in the Alta Mogiana region near Sao Paolo. The brew is smooth and sweet, like roasted nuts in a bar of dark chocolate.



Colombia Cundinamarca

A rich and well-balanced washed Excelso from Colombia’s central Cundinamarca department. Smell & taste Rainier cherry, red grape, and ripe plum. Soft, round acidity knits together a medium-bodied, milk chocolate mouthfeel and cane sugar sweetness.



Costa Rica León Cortés

Fully washed coffee traceable to the La Trinidad Community and CoopeTarrazu Mill. Flavors of graham cracker, almond, and honeydew melon finish with caramel sweetness and tart acidity.



Decaf - Royal Select Mayan

100% chemical-free, water processed decaf.  A satisfying blend of select beans from Central and South America. Complex and inviting, with rich chocolate, caramel and vanilla aromas.



Decaf - Espresso Dolce

Deep, rich and balanced. Enjoy in classic preparations, alone or with milk.



Espresso Dolce

Our blend is at once assertive in milk preparations yet delicate enough to stand alone. Layered and lively in the cup with a rich mahogany crema and sweet, enduring finish.



Ethiopia Guji

Natural process coffee from Ethiopia’s newly designated Oromia zone. Notes of grape candy, hay, and wildflower honey, with an earthy black tea finish.



Guatemala Huehuetenango

A blend of varietals farmed in the CODECH co-operative of northwestern Guatemala. Soft orange-citrus acidity and papaya sweetness give way to a silky caramel & chocolate body and an exceptionally clean finish.



Papua New Guinea

This washed process, A/X grade coffee brews a remarkably complex cup. Fresh notes of cannabis and savory herbs weave seamlessly with flavors of guava, citrus, and chocolate.



Peru Cajamarca

The CENFROCAFE cooperative stands out in Peru for its strong organization, high productivity, and consistent quality. A remarkably sweet cup with hallmark silky texture and notes of chocolate, orange blossom, and hazelnut liqueur.



Sumatra Bener Meriah, Takengon

Sourced from the KOPEPI cooperative of women-owned smallholder farms. Earthy aroma of prairie grass, rich soil, cedar, and baking spice makes way for a palate of tart strawberry acidity and complex minerality.



Valentine Cold Brew

Our blend of Central and South American coffees – steeped for eighteen hours, then double-filtered – yields an amazingly sweet and luxuriously rich, clean brew. Smell and taste berry compote, vanilla, almond, and milk chocolate.

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